Body of Work Testimonials & Facility

I have been training with Dan for about a year now.  He’s great.  He genuinely cares about his client’s health and the quality of their lives.  For those of us who watch too many weight loss reality shows, his method of training is not the in your face intimidation, boot-camp style that comes to mind when you think: personal trainer.  He is mellow, always laughing and supportive.  His enthusiasm is contagious.
You get the impression that he wants you to reach your goals, just as much, if not more than you do.  You won’t want to let him down, no intimidation factor needed.

I have never enjoyed working out.  I’ve always found going to the gym simultaneously intimidating and boring.  Body of Work has been a pleasant surprise.  It is the perfect environment for those who feel overwhelmed or out of place, being left to their own devices in a large cookie-cutter

franchise.  You won’t find the stereotypical sports-bra clad hard bodies here, you probably won’t get a date, but you’ll reach your fitness goals in an anxiety-free, accepting environment. 

If you’re like me, you’ve probably also tried the alternatives to the typical gym.  I can attest that the one-on-one customized work out that you get with a personal trainer who knows your body and understands your goals, yields far better results than any of the latest one-size-fits-all circuit training and weight loss groups.  Even the group cardio classes here are personalized.  Instructors tailor each class to the day’s attendees, often offering modification options on steps, so that each person can work out at their own level.

If I could describe the experience at Body of Work in three words, they would be: comfortable, personalized and holistic.  All of the staff here look at the person as a whole and are extremely knowledgeable.  I had back surgery not long ago and with my new physical limitations, was afraid to exercise on my own.  Dan has been great in this capacity.  He makes me feel confident that I can push myself without injury.  He also has a wealth of knowledge in the area of nutrition.  He has helped me to break lifelong bad eating habits.  He is a skilled practitioner who does not simply address the symptoms, but looks at the daily living habits that are inhibiting you from reaching your goals.  For the first time ever, I feel like I am making a lifestyle change and losing weight in a way that is healthy.


It would be hard to over-state what Cindy Gotts at Body of Work does for me—my health,  sense of well-being, my equilibrium, my laughter quotient!  As I’ve grown to know the other trainers, too, I realize what makes them all so effective:  they know their stuff—every muscle, bone, ligament, and brain cell—and they know people.  From my first meeting with Cindy, I saw someone with focus, and she still has it.  She takes my 70-year-old body exactly as it is and goes on from there.  The room could be full of other people working out at greatly diverse levels of ability, but her focus on me and my particular needs is absolute.   I try to show up for her Saturday morning group class—her own mix of step aerobics, Pilates, kick-boxing, and yoga (always different)—because I know it’ll put a smile on my face all weekend.  

As I watch people leave the studio, I see a lot of smiles.  It’s a friendly place where good work gets done.

I met Randy Matthews approximately 1 year ago.  I sought out his expertise in establishing an exercise routine, nutrition and strength training.  Randy is the most professional and knowledgeable trainer that I have ever been to.
When I came to Randy, I was grossly overweight and out of shape.  With his guidance and constant encouragement, I achieved the best mental and physical fitness since my teen years.
Randy was able to individualize my workouts and diet.  He always listened and taught me the right way to strength train without hurting my back.  As a bedside RN in the Special Care Unit at MMC, I depend on my back.  He was able to help me back to health so that I can continue to work and be active well in to retirement someday.
The lessons he has taught me have and will be a life long journey to exercise abnd health.
I can only give Randy my highest compliments and recommendations.  He would be an asset in helping health care workers at Maine Medical center be in better physical and mental health.  I truly believe that it could help decrease work related injuries within the institution.